About FC Partners

We are dedicated partners of football professionals

Welcome to Our Team

FC Partners was founded by a group of exceptional football and ICT specialists.

Abbreviation FC stands for "football coach", "football career" or "football club".

Our goal is to use expertise and ICT solutions to exceed current possibilities and related problems in results tracking and thus, ultimately, boosting clients' careers.

Our solutions are intended for football coaches who want to successfully meet the challenges of exposing their careers worldwide, according to growing demands for results tracking, related with their potential engagements.

Long-term commitments to dynamic workflow of football career and clients' satisfaction are more than just terms to us.

Our Attributes and Expertise

Commitment to client's success


Web & mobile application development


Experience on large-scale and complex projects


Our Solutions

FCF is the backbone of our system in charge for results tracking and statistical analyses.
Every football career path is unique so it deserves a unique Career Presentation. All presentation content is optimised for both large screens and mobile devices. Relies on FCF in backend.