Miodrag Jesic Head Coach

Success Story


Since the beginning of his career, Miodrag Jesic has recorded a remarkable results in the teams he led.

Unfortunately, incomplete records of results, published by the most popular football web portals, have created a problem.


It was necessary to combine all the results together with a multitude of multimedia records in accordance with Miodrag's personality and charisma.

After a period of intensive and iterative development a solution was created.


The official website miodragjesic.com became a starting point for analyzing Miodrag's career but also for agenda and news announcements.

Miodrag's visual identity is now enriched with his personal logo too.

Soon, the new engagements have been made in accordance with the presented work.

Dedicated and professional cooperation resulted in a personal website that works for my career. Highly recommended!

Miodrag Jesic Head Coach